Thursday 30 January 2014

Daniel Rybakken - Single Flower Vase

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken is probably most renown for his experimenting with daylight and working to create the illusion of daylight. Don't miss out on his current show The new light at DogA in Oslo if you're around.

Amongst his other conceptual experiments is this Single Flower Vase, shown in Milan 2012. By simplifying the vase from something esthetic on its own, down to a simple plate, the focus is shifted over to the flower.

From an ikebana perspective it resembles a simplified single material arrangement. When there is nothing to distract, you realize that all of the plant has form and character of its own.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Holiday Cinema 5: Kawana Demonstration in Camberra 2009

Video number 5 in my holiday cinema takes us to a more recent event. In this recording from 2009 Sogetsu master teacher and ikebana artist Tetsunori Kawana guides us through a 1.5 hour demonstration presenting nine stunning Ikebana arrangements and commenting as he works.

The sound is not the best (better with headphones) but the comments and the techniques demonstrated are really interesting, so it's well worth watching. My favorites are a nageire with autumn leaves and an arrangement without kenzan (at the end of the demonstration) in which Kawana uses branches with red berries, blue Iris and large with Chrysanthemum. Which is your favorite?

This video is a private recording of a demonstration at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra during autumn in 2009. It was uploaded to YouTube by Ping Block, an Ikebana teacher in Canberra, Australia, who also assists in the demonstration. Please visit her website Ikebana with Ping.

If you still want more after this long recording, Tetsunori Kawana was back for a second demonstration in 2013 and you can see the video by clicking on this link.

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