Thursday 22 October 2009

Moon Flowers - In Bed With a Goddess

moonflowers dimly white
in fading light
how pure: the moon rises

poem by Shimagi Akahiko (1876-1926)

From my bedroom window I have a good view of the moon at night. Moon-viewing, Otsukimi, has a special place in Japanese tradition. The brilliant glow of the full autumn moon is concidered to be the best. These traditional gatherings with writing and reading of special poems and listening to music while enjoying the mystical wonder evoked by the moon, are of cource much more organised than my moon-veiwing from bed.

For a Japanese moon-viewing you need a flower arrangement, always with light coloured flowers, preferably in a special moon vase. The flowers are said to be landmarks for the moon goddess descending from the heavens. The arrangements I'm posting today are waxing moon arrangements in round moon vases that are traditionally hanging from the ceiling. The materials are bamboo, Japanese maple, some unidentified branches and white Chrysanthemum, an autumn flower that in these arrangements can symbolize the moon goddess descending into the vase she has mistaken for the moon.

Research for this post: Japan National Tourism Organization.

1 comment:

Venkimayyu said...

The Moon arrangement with Bamboo and Chrysanthemums is simply breath-taking. Thanks for all the information and the post!

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