Wednesday 29 October 2008


Ikebana with five or more kinds of plant materials. This is opposite of what we usally do in Sogetsu - which is working with two contrasting materials, or sometimes three. The impression of a Maze-ZaShi ikeabana should be light, rich, peaceful, and in season.

Red and yellow.

A grassy autumn feeling.

Tuesday 7 October 2008

More Leaves

I found som old pictures of Ikebana featuring the surfaces of leaves. Hope you like them. They are from last year, but what the heck - let's enjoy them while it is the season for it.

A cascade of Bergenia leaves with pink roses.

Brown spotted bamboo leaves in a metal boat container with red mums.

Bergenia in a moon vase with a grass straw balancing on top.

Monday 6 October 2008

Raku in South of France

My friend Brigitte Schneider is exhibiting her Raku ceramics in Mougins, France, October 18-19. There will also be an ikebana, bonsai, calligraphy and other stuff.

I had the opportunity to visit Brigitte in her studio outside of Cannes earlier this year. I just love her Raku - it goes really well with ikebana. Hopefully I will find something that I can't resist at the exhibition.

Visit Atelier Tokibana for more information. (Photos are from the website, copyrigth Atelier Tokibana)

Saturday 4 October 2008

Flexibility and Strength

The strong and flexible vines of Hydrangea goes together with a heavy vase with voluminous lines. Pink Lilies to contrast the brown. Stripped from leaves the character of the vines is showed of, - lo and behold, the naked vines has got new bulbs already.

Ishu-ike (arrangement with only one material): Hop plant - vines and cones, in an old rosty pipe.

Nothing but Branches

Ok, here are some more autumn leaves, only the idea this time is to use two or more kinds of branches - and nothing but branches.

Yellow and red - Rowan and Japanese Maple, in a vertical arrangement.

A branch of Apple tree, something that looks like Black Current, only with bluish berries, and Yew. Trying to catch the character of the different branches and the season.

Potentilla with yellow flowers and Japanese Maple, in a copper pot with the glow of autumn.
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