Friday 30 April 2010

Cold Winter Memories

It's been a really cold and long winter up north this year. Spring is finally here, but since I haven't posted any ikebana photos for a while I'm going to stick to the winter in this posting.

These are two arrangements trying to catch the moment of being here and now. They are actually exercises in writing a haiku verse and then creating an ikebana arrangement interpreting the haiku. The first one reflects the moment when heaps of snow comes of the roof, a sunny day when the ice is melting. An insect warmed by the sun jumps up to escape from the snow falling. The other arrangement is about walking in a snow storm. Cold snow hits against your freezing cheeks and you feel a warm sensation in your face - meeting a friend that makes you smile.

Bleached Mitsumata, Lisianthus, Mimosa and a chunk of glass in a pale blue glass bowl.

Lisianthus, painted birch branches and purple tulips in a white glass container.
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