Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mass and Space

Moribana, mass arrangement, Ka-bu-wake.
Chrysanthemum and roses.

Although this arrangement looks a bit naturalistic, the idea is more to focus on two solid round masses contrasted by an open space in-between them. In this case the Chrysanthemums had a lot of leaves so I could use them to get a larger and more varied mass. Ka-bu-wake is an old ikebana style with two separate groups. Both the water and the space in between are as important as the groups themselves. In this modern arrangement the Ka-bu-wake is made as an abstract freestyle.

Pink is a nice colour for spring don't you think? These Chrysanthemum flowers makes me think about Cherry blossoms.


Christopher James said...

Dear Lennart,
the kabuwake arrangement is really lovely. Your choice to do it as a massed work is novel to me and very successful. I had meant to also comment about the work from 16th May using metal. I think the contrast of the fresh material with the texture of rusting metal is very satisfying. I remember Mr Kawana pointing out that rusty metal carries the feeling of the passage of time.


nordic lotus said...

Dear Christopher,
Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. I'm glad you like the kabuwake. It's fun to work with masses. In this case I had the feeling I had to avoid it getting to much "wedding flowers". I will definitely do more mass arrangements.

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