Sunday, 5 May 2013

Land Art - Ste Marguerite, Cannes

If you are in Cannes this summer, be sure to visit the Sainte Marguerite island and the First International Land Art Encounter of Cannes. Follow the signs and take a stroll through the forest and by the sea. The ten artists taking part, six Finnish artists originating from Lapland and four French artists originating from the French Riviera, have been working on eco-friendly art that uses natural materials found in the place where they are worked. This Land Art exhibition is inspired by Oranki Art Environmental Art Exhibition, a similar art encounter that has been organized in the Finnish village Oranki for eleven years. The works will be on display all through the summer.

From the 10 artworks in the exhibition, I've chosen four that I found especially interesting. The first, a group of interesting sculptural shapes made from trees and bamboo sticks, was without name sign but I think it is the work of Finnish artist Esa Maltaus. The second is by Bernard Abril, whom I have written about in an earlier blog post presenting his work. Next is a humoristic sculpture by Kari Södö, and last an installation by Tuomas Korkalo - again a group of three shapes that works nicely on the space in between the tree trunks. Notice the clever use of seaweed balls, that looks like they grow out of the Eucalyptus trunks.

The exhibition is organized by Sally Ducrow and Cathy Cuby.

Installation: tree trunks, roots and bamboo sticks.
Bernard Abril, Le Sacre du Printemps: tree trunks, living tree, paint.
Kari Södö, Voyage, voyage: Tree trunks, branches, painted numbers and symbols, beach stones.

Thomas Korkalo Slow down Sugar: Eucalyptus trunks and seaweed balls.

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