Monday, 13 May 2013

Becoming a Teacher

This week the Romanian Embassy in Oslo opened its doors for an ikebana student's exhibition. We all contributed with one arrangement each and the result was a quite varied and nice little exhibition.

One of my fellow ikebanists, Tatjana Felberg, is preparing for her teachers exams. As part of this she is required to hold a demonstration of ikebana. In the Sogetsu School this is always done standing behind the arrangement, facing the public. It's quite challenging to get all the angles and positions of the branches correct when you're seeing it all from behind. Tatjana did an excellent job though, and she is now one step closer to her teacher's degree.


Christopher James said...

Dear Lennart,
I was really interested in your postings about 'land art'. As an Australian, I was particularly interested in the parallel you drew between Sofu Teshigahara's evolution in that direction and the artistic career of Rosalie Gascoigne. One of her installation works is currently being exhibited in the Australian Galleries of the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Victoria. I saw a retrospective exhibition of her work about four years ago and the influence of her Sogetsu training was very apparent in some of her works.

Christopher James

nordic lotus said...

Dear Christopher,
I'm glad you found the postings interesting. I wish I could walk with you through a Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition and trace the influence of her ikebana training. That would have been great! Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

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