Monday, 2 April 2012

Waiting for Sakura

It's been an extremely cold spring in Japan, and the sakura - the cherry blossom is delayed several weeks. As the cherry blossom season is a major event many people have come to see the flowers at the most popular spots, such as here in Kyoto, both from other parts of Japan and from other countries. What was planned to be a cheerful event celebrating spring turns into a collective impatient waiting.

It's kind of sad visiting temples and parks thinking of what the sights will look like with colorful pink cascades lightening up the still sleepy trees. Still some trees are earlier than others, and what joy they bring! While we're waiting, why not sit down and have a lunch break under the peach trees, such as these that are in full bloom in the Imperial Palace Park of Kyoto. Peach blossoms are our friends too. And they are a bit tougher than the sakura.

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