Friday, 20 April 2012

Spring Moon Friendship Knot

Freestyle waining moon arrangement, hanging style.
Weeping willow, white Chrysanthemum and Pussy willow.

Moon arrangements are traditionally placed so that they can be viewed from below, often with the plant materials hanging down over the spectators sitting on the tatami floor. Arranging an ikebana to be seen from below is different from arranging something that is to be seen from above or at the same level. Ikebana is always interacting with the surroundings and the situation. And it is always approaching us when we are admiring it, wether it is from above, below or at the same level.

View from sitting on the tatami floor.

This arrangement is a waining moon naturalistic freestyle, with the long hanging branches of weeping willow as the main material. Weeping willow is always used without leaves, emphasizing the sweeping bare lines. The looping circular lines are repeating the form of the vase. But the knot on a weeping willow branch also has a traditionally meaning, it expresses the wish for new friendships to come.

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