Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Kyoto Tea Flowers

Kyotos many shrines and temples are amongst the most beautiful spots in this historic city. My favorites are the zen temples of Daitoku-ji with amazing gardens and simplistic tea rooms. We've visited lots of temples on our stay in Kyoto, and even got to see some of the sub temples at Daitoku-ji that are not usually open to the public. Some of the temples sadly don't allow cameras, but these two do and they also each had a beautiful tea flower arrangement. The first one is Koto-in, surrounded by bamboo forests, with a chabana in a traditional tokonoma in a quite large tatami room. The second one is Zuiho-in, with a beautiful rock garden, and a small hanging chabana on the wall in a very tiny and humble tea house.


Taizoin, another famous zen temple in Kyoto, have a flower calendar on their website listing the different kinds of flowers used for the tea ceremony through the year. Have a look and get inspired.

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