Friday, 13 April 2012

Dressed Alike

Red roses, pussy willow, white hyacinth and cotton ribbon.

Do you remember the Van Trapp children all dressed up in clothes made from old curtains in the movie "Sound of music", cute and embarrassing at the same time. Dressing siblings alike has been popular since the Victorian era. I especially remember a set of bright red shorts and t-shirt with white bands around the neck opening and sleeves. My little brother and I had the same sets and our older sister had a matching red dress, only her white neck band continued in a ribbon bow.

This ikebana arrangement is inspired by a photo of us three siblings dressed in our red and white clothes at a birthday party, sitting around a table eating cream cake. The flowers also describes our different personalities and the relationship between us three kids. So now you'll have to guess who is who in this quite personal birthday party arrangement.


Shaile's Edible Art said...

This is beautiful.. It is very striking.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Shaile, I'm glad you like it!

Marina said...

Exelent Ikebana. Really like this.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Marina. I appreciate it.

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