Monday, 12 March 2012

Porcelain Bamboo Vase

Red Lilies and Ranunculus.

This is another of my new vases. It's a porcelain vase made by my friend Brigitte Schneider of Atelier Tokibana. Bamboo vases are among the most traditional of ikebana vases. Some people say they were first introduced by the great tea master Rikyu to match the humble esthetics of his tea style. I don't think Rikyu would agree with porcelain bamboo vases, but who knows? Although this one is brand new it gives me a retro feeling that I like. I guess it's the hand painted glaze and the slightly uneven shape that makes it.


Stephen Coler said...

love the vase! i have been looking for something like that for a long time. using real bamboo is nice, but it eventually cracks and loses it's color. this one will last forever! beautiful!

nordic lotus said...

Wish I could use real bamboo too!! It's too cold here for the bamboo to get thick enough for vases.

Marcia Wills said...

Love the vase! It is beautiful for bamboo vases

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