Friday, 2 March 2012

Crazy Purple

Scallion with purple raffia bast, savoy cabbage and turnips.

Savoy cabbage has a lovely green colour and a very interesting texture. Turnips has a somewhat similar shape but a totally different character, even though the sprouts are the same green colour. The green of the savoy cabbage and the purple of the turnips gave me the idea to create a composition making use of contrasting colours. In addition I've used curved lines and mass, and also dried and coloured materials that emphasizes the colour contrast and supports the shape of the scallion.

This is not a regular morimono arrangement, but more a sculptural free style ikebana with vegetables. The thing about this kind of composition is to forget about the food aspect and concentrate on the shape and character of the vegetables. If there is a surprising twist that is also a good thing.

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