Saturday, 3 March 2012

Neon Ginger Yellow

Ginger and pomegranate with peppers and coloured hemp bast.

Do you recognize the ginger root? I think you agree with me that it has a more interesting appearance in this arrangement. It was a bit dull in the morimono on a wooden tray that I posted earlier this week.

I've cut away a piece of the pomegranate to make it less heavy and also to show the interesting inside of the fruit. The neon yellow peppers ads a nice contrast, and the coloured hemp bast helps getting the best out of the ginger.

The main materials, ginger and pomegranate, makes up a freestyle variation no. 4 (leaving out the Soe). The contrasting colours, greenish yellow and purple-red, are also an important aspect of this arrangement.


MARTA said...

Me encanta.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Marta. I'm glad you like it :-)

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