Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Three Themed Windows

Spring sale in the Hardware store, (lines).
Metal vase, chicken wire, metal objects,
dried branches, miniature Lisianthus.

Modern ikebana is often seen in department stores in Japan. In the Sogetsu School these large scale installations created for public spaces are called Flo'work, meaning Flower+Work. You'll also find Flo'Work displays in hotel lobbies and other places where people are passing.

Tea shop exhibition, (mass and lines).
Teapot with cups, tray, tea powder, Roses, Hydrangea,
Chrysanthemum and branches with red berries.

Creating themed displays for shop windows is a fun and creative exercise. These three exemples are not very large scale, but they are all ment to draw the attention to the environment were they are placed and the products that are sold in the store.

Book store exhibition, (masses).
Books, paper, lacquered wooden vases,
Roses and Hydrangea.

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