Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Floating World: Then and Now?

Earlier this week a new exhibition opened at The Historical Museum of Oslo. A collection of old Japanese woodblock prints by the great masters are exhibited together with samples from a resent donation of contemporary prints by the artist Okamoto Ryusei. The exhibition is called "A floating world: Then and now?" and is running until June 5th.

My ikebana teacher Lisbeth Lerum was asked to create ikebana arrangements to go with the exhibition. With the tragic events in Japan in mind the task of creating beautiful ikebana of course took on a deeper meaning than expected. The arrangements are referring to themes such as kimonos, woodblock printing and nature.

If you are in Oslo tomorrow you can take part in a lecture about Japanese woodblock printing at the exhibition, or you can bring your own or other peoples children to an exciting printing workshop with Okamoto Ryusei. Sunday March 27th there will be more ikebana arrangements in the Museum as the traditional Hanami day is offering a broad selection of Japanese culture. This years Hanami day will be held in solidarity with the people of Japan.

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