Monday, 21 March 2011

Preparing for an Exhibition

This years Hana mai day (Cherry blossom day) at The Historical Museum in Oslo will be a special day in solidarity with the people of Japan. I was invited to make to ikebana arrangements so I spent the evening preparing and planning. I decided to go for a hana dome arrangement with Cherry blossom and a boat arrangement reflecting the violent forces of the sea.

My fellow ikebanist in Washington DC, Keith Stanley, has been working a lot with hana dome lately. He has also posted some information and pictures on the internet, so I wanted to try it out. Hana dome basically means flower fixture, and is a visable structure of any kind to help fix the flowers without kenzan or other fastening techniques.

These photos are of a work in progress, to illustrate the process of preparing for an exhibition. You'll first have to find a theme and an idea for the arrangements. Next you'll have to try out the basic form and the materials. In the end the result will always be different from the sketch depending on all the small but significant details of the flowers that are available on the exhibition day.

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