Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Talking, Working and Communicating

Earlier this week I was invited to Oslo University College to give a lecture on Japanese esthetics and ikebana. The lecture had a practical approach, giving the basics of esthetics and culture while I was creating a series of ikebana arrangements. I'm impressed with the students, their interest and attitude. It's quite challenging to switch between talking, working with the arrangements and interacting with the adherents, all at the same time. Especially as I also want to give an experience of the slow, calm and meditative aspects of working with ikebana.

Anyhow, it's inspiring to get the opportunity to meet with others and share. This was a group of students taking a course in Japanese literature. I got to think about the relation between modern authorship and the practice of following a traditional meditative path. This also raises questions about the relationship between esthetics and storytelling - enough to keep the brain busy for quite some time. I'm grateful for the opportunity to think in new directions.

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