Thursday, 10 October 2013

Rikka Inspiration

Ikebana inspired by Rikka, slanting style.

Rikka is the oldest and most complex of all ikebana styles. The Ikenobo school calls it the origin of ikebana. Today the traditional Rikka Shofutai style has also got a more modern sibling; Rikka Shimputai. It's probably fair to say that every ikebana style that exists can be traced back to Rikka in one way or another. In the Sogetsu school we don't really study Rikka or other classical ikebana styles. But it's part of the general ikebana understanding to try and grasp the main rules and the idea of them. That's what makes it so interesting and stimulating to learn a bit more.

I don't aspire to have anything to teach about arranging Rikka. Still I wanted to post this two attempts to  mimic the movements of modern Rikka. The upper one is inspired by the slanting style, and is my second try at arranging Rikka. The photo below is my first, much more fumbling attempt inspired by the upright style. One thing I've learned is that it takes a lot of practice and technique to get all the branches wright. I know these are no way near proper Rikka arrangements.

Next I'm going to try a style showing off the water surface, so stay tuned.

Ikebana inspired by Rikka, upright style.

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