Sunday, 27 October 2013

Organic Abstraction - Rectangle Colours

Abstract composition.
Aspidistra, Japanese paper, gourd, bamboo stick.

This will be the last blog post from the workshop in Oslo with Mit Ingelaere-Brandt. In this arrangement using curved Aspidistra leaves wrapped around a cylinder vase, a more organic abstract form is demonstrated. The biomorph or organic abstraction movement is probably best known from the sculptures by Henry Moore. Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi is also a strong exponent for this style.

The leaves are the dominant material in this work, followed by the blue paper and the orange gourd in a 7-5-3 relation.

The tetradic or rectangle colour scheme uses four colors arranged into two complementary pairs, in this case blue and orange, and green and red. Tetradic color schemes works best if you let one color be dominant.

Rainbow Lorikeet

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