Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Welcome - Come Closer

"Creek bed", floor arrangement 180x120x60 cm.
Dry Aspen tree with lichen, Lupins, Pine, Baby's Breath.

The exhibition at Oslo Rose Days is over. The weather was better than expected and we had two busy days with many visitors. We had more space than usual this year, and even had room for a floor arrangement that could welcome visitors into the exhibition.

The theme of this year's exhibition was "water", and all the arrangements where related to different aspects of the theme. In the floor arrangement I was inspired by the water running down a forest creek, using dry wood, blue curving Lupin flowers, foaming Baby's breath, and long swirling green leaves.

As you can see the arrangement is based on the balance between mass and line, and straight and curved lines. In a way it is also an exercise in reshaping materials as the tree branches gets a quite different appearance when all the curved smaller branches are shaped into a mass and the taller straight ones are cleared form twigs.

Exhibition view just before opening.
The Freia hall in Oslo with original Munch paintings on the walls.

Detail of floor arrangement "Creek bed".


Keith said...

It looks amazing! I could be a little biased because of my love af branches, but it looks really great! keep up the great work!

nordic lotus said...

Nothing wrong in loving branches! I'm glad you like it. I guess it's a bit "nordic", natural in style and with not so much flowers.

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