Thursday, 12 July 2012

Morning Dewdrops

"Morning Dew", simplified arrangement.
Campanula rapunculoides (Bellflower), Hosta leaf, sprayed water drops.

Todays arrangement from the Rose Days Exhibition is a fun experiment using a leaf as a hana dome (flower holder). The Hosta leaf is curled in a curve by fixing the stem through a cut in the front of the leaf. The flower drinks water that is sprayed on the leaf and the stem of the flower goes through a cut in the curve of the leaf. This fixture is enough to hold the flower in place.

Trying to make an arrangement as simple as possible and at the same time interesting is a great exercise. Simplicity often communicates stronger than complexity. A simplified arrangement is fragile and often has an inherent sensitivity that touches peoples hearts.

dawn's glow
hasn't quite yet dyed
the dewdrops 
-Issa, 1821
Translation by David G. Lanoue.


Selena (Fruit Carving Studio) said...

This is WONDERFUL Ikebana!

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Selena. I'm glad you like my ikebana.

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