Friday, 13 July 2012

Let's Start From the Very Beginning

Basic Upright. Branches with small pink flowers, Roses.
Cermaic bowl by Carl-Harry Stålhane, Studio Rörstrand.

A basic upright ikebana arrangement is always part of an Sogetsu exhibition. It is the first arrangement you learn when starting studying ikebana with the Sogetsu School. This one is from the Oslo Rose Days exhibition.

This type of naturalistic arrangement depicts a small landscape scene. In the summertime the arrangements are richer and have more leaves and volume, showing off the energy of plants growing.

Basic upright is an optimistic arrangement, symbolizing plants stretching towards the heaven and also human capacity to reach spiritual goals. It's part of human nature to stretch for what is good and beautiful. We all have it in us.

Thanks for taking time to walk with me through the exhibition. This is the fourth and last of my contributions this year. It's been nice walking with you.


Inger-M said...

Vakker serie!

nordic lotus said...

Takk skal du ha Inger-M. Hyggelig at du likte den.

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