Saturday, 12 February 2011

Born in a Broken Heart

"Ikebana is an organic training in gentleness...
Flowers are vulnerable - that is their strength."

In this thoughtful short film, "Born in a broken heart: A smile mixed with tears", ikebana teacher Stéphane Bédard is discussing the role of a teacher and how ikebana practice can give a more direct relationship to art and to our life. He also gives an interesting introduction to a philosophy of gentleness and fearlessness. It really is worth seeing if you would like to understand more about ikebana. Being an ikebana practitioner I feel that this video deepens my appreciation of the way of flowers.

Stéphane Bédard is trained in the Sogetsu School of ikebana and he also teaches the Shambhala art program. You'll find two more videos with Bédard on the website of Shambhala art in the Resources section, Media Library. It's the two videos from Shambhala art Ottawa.

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