Monday, 28 February 2011

Playing with Vases

Tubular ceramic vase with tilted top.
Isolation materials, green Carnations and an Aspidistra leaf.

One thing that fascinates me in Japanese flower arranging is the attention that is given to the vase or container. There always has to be a harmony between the vase and the plant materials, but this is more than just finding a vase that looks good with a flower bouquet. The container is considered an important and integrated part of the arrangement, or even the starting point of the arranging and the first thing to look at when standing in front of the completed ikebana.

Boat shaped porcelain container.
Aspidistra leaves and blue Hyacinths.

These two ikebana arrangements are exercises in focusing on the shape of the container as the starting point when creating. It doesn't have to be a very special container. Every vase has it's own character, shape and texture.

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