Thursday, 19 March 2015

Of Mice and Flowers

Plastic building material, Aspidistra, Pincushion flower.
Curved, straight and radiating lines.

With the introduction of abstract freestyle ikebana came a strong trend, in the postwar period, of experimenting with different manmade materials in the compositions. The Sogetsu school and its founder Sofu Teshigahara were leading this development, focusing on the sculptural form and the shape and character of the materials.

In this kind of ikebana arrangement the manmade material plays the leading role. Adding too much naturalistic looking plant materials will only confuse the design. The material is used in a surprising way making it look unknown and different. This helps seeing things as if you have never seen them before.

If I am not mistaken the plastic material used in these two arrangements is a product preventing mice from getting inn behind the exterior wall cladding of houses.

Plastic building material, Aspidistra, Pincushion flower.
Curved lines. Two containers.

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