Monday, 9 March 2015

Hanaike Battle 2014-15

The Hanaike Battle is a yearly event taking place in Japan. Ikebana artists are competing live and before an audience over five qualifying heats and a grand finale. The finale of the 2014 battle was held earlier this week and this years winner was announced. The simple rule of the battle is: The artist who impresses the audience most will be declared the winner. And the winner was Ueno Yuji, whom I have been writing about on a few occasions in a earlier post on this blog.

I'm posting a few pictures from the event to congratulate the winner, and also the runner-up Itoh Teika, who is one of my favorite contemporary ikebana artists, a very experienced artist and a teacher of the Ohara school.

Photos from the Hanaike Battle Facebook page (where there is lots of more pictures to enjoy).

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