Sunday, 8 February 2015

Winter Tabletop Arrangement

Thuja and Freesia.
Moribana Horisontal style 6.
Front view.

Winter arrangements brings a certain atmosphere of peace and tranquility into the home. Flowers in pale, chilly colours and evergreen branch materials makes a nice understated contrast. When placed on a table the arrangement works best when it is not to high, so that it doesn't get in the way for a light conversation. I have made a horizontal arrangement where all the branches are placed at a low angel. In the Sogetsu curriculum this style is named Moribana horizontal style variation number 6.

Moribana Horisontal style 6.
Back view.

This kind of arrangement is meant to be seen from any position around the table. So it has to look good and have something interesting to it from all the angels. It mustn't be symmetrical or too pretty though. There needs to be a variation in the material so that every angel gives a different look at the landscape.

Moribana Horisontal style 6.
Side view.

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