Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ikebana Installation - Imaginary Gardens

In my last blog post I shared some photos from Love Enqvist's solo exhibition Imaginary Gardens: Weeding and Watering in Varbergs Konsthall, Sweden.

One of the works is an ikebana installation where you're invited to sit down on a tatami mat for a moment of reflection or just enjoying the flowers. I've made two of the ikebana arrangements and assisted the artist on the rest of the work as an expert.

Ikebana installation, Love Enqvist with assistance from Lennart Persson.
Varbergs Konsthall January - April 2015.

Since the exhibition runs for almost three months I've used dried materials combined with a few long lasting Cymbidium orchids that can be easily exchanged when needed (probably no more than a couple of times during the exhibition). The arrangements builds on the dream of the ideal garden as something that is part of the actual gardening experience - a layer that lies behind as a longing.

Ikebana by Lennart Persson for Imaginary Gardens.
Dead wood, black painted Eucalyptus, dried Protea,
bleached Mitsumata, Cymbidium, bleached Fern.

Ikebana by Lennart Persson for Imaginary Gardens.
Lilac branch, Macedonian pine, Cymbidium.

In Love Enqvist's three arrangements the main focus is on his self made vases of different shapes and materials. The structure of the arrangements are based on the lines of branches and the  fleeting quality of blossoms.

Vased with painted plastic tube.
Willow and dried Hortensia.

Vase with old lamp glass and metal stand. Magnolia and Kris plant leaves.
Vase with coloured plastic and glass on concrete block. Quince, Wich hazel and Macedonian pine.

Photo: Svein G Josefsen

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