Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spring Gardens

After a long period of gray and rainy weather in Portland the sun eventually came through. What a stroke of luck for us visitors! The spring gardens performed at their very best.

Shuho Ikebana
Both Crystal Springs Rhodoendron garden and Lan Su Chinese garden were fantastic. My absolute favorite, however, is Portland Japanese garden. This garden covers a big area on a hill and is composed of five distinct garden styles. It has a flat garden, a strolling pond garden, a tea garden, a natural garden and a sand and stone garden. Portland Japanese garden is often said to be the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan.

The Garden often hosts ikebana exhibitions by the schools represented in the Portland chapter of Ikebana International. Earlier this month the Garden presented a special Presentation of ikebana by Shuho, the master of Ikebana at Ginkakuji (Jisho-ji) Temple. She is the founder of Ginkaku-ji’s  (The Silver Temple in Kyoto) Center for Ikebana Studies. She is also in charge of organizing international cultural exchange through the Ginkaku Jisho-ji Temple Kenshu Dojo Study Center. Unfortunately we weren't able to see her presentation.

These pictures are from Portland Japanese Garden and the tea house located in the tea garden.

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