Thursday, 3 April 2014

One Cherry Blossom Opens

Freestyle, Sakura season.
Dried branches with leaves, Ranunculus, pine.

The Sakura (cherry blossom season) has reached it's peak in Kyoto. At least according to the online Cherry Blossom Forecast.

Although it's fare to early here in Norway for Cherry blossoms, this weeks lesson at ikebana class was making arrangements inspired by the Sakura season. The students were doing variation no. 3 (fan style) and tried out making a naturalistic freestyle arrangement after that. The result was very satisfying and we aeed on that the progress in the group was obvious.

I made this upright freestyle arrangement as an example, using a saying as inspiration: "One cherry blossom opens - and everywhere is spring." My ikebana teacher once gave me a deeper interpretation of this saying interpreted as "Open the blossom of enlightenment in your heart and eternal peace dwells in you".

Students work - Sakura inspired fan style arrangements.

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