Sunday, 23 June 2013

Floral Fusion: The Ikebana Sculptures of Shizuko Greenblatt

"... an ikebana practitioner can transform an interior space into a place of reflection and spiritual awakening. Los Angeles-based artist Shizuko Greenblatt trained in this art form for many years, but only recently began creating sculptural works informed by the flower arranging tradition of her native country. As with traditional ikebana, her recent "Fusion Ikebana" series has the power to reflect, transform, and uplift the spirit."

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See the exhibition Shizuko Greenblatt with Kathie Foley-Meyer at LA ARTCORE Union Center for the Arts in Little Tokyo until June 30, 2013.

"Growth of Civilization" (Fusion Ikebana Series) by Shizuko Greenblatt, 2011;
mixed media installation. Courtesy of the artist.

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Christopher James said...

I really like the wall sculpture in this weeks posting. It is beautiful. The three basic upright arrangements by the first-timers were very successful. I had also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the meadow flowers in the blue glass vases. I'd have liked to see the performance work.'though it would be odd not understanding the words. Thanks for your blog. Christopher

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