Friday, 14 June 2013

A First Time For Everything

A couple of weeks ago I invited a few people to an evening with ikebana. After an introduction to the principles of ikebana and a brief look at the history behind, it was time for a hands on session trying out the first exercise of the Sogetsu school curriculum - basic upright moribana.

Everyone did the same exercise, still the result came out very personal. I've posted the finished works so that you can compare them. I think they all did a great job with their very first ikebana.


Margie Yap said...

This looks like fun. I think I'd like to share an evening with ikebana or chabana. Thank you for the idea and the photos.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Margie. We had a fun evening, and it was great to share the joy of ikebana. Doing a night with chabana would also be a wonderful.

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