Friday, 7 December 2012

Fresh Snow for Christmas

Mass arrangement. Gypsophila, red roses, red tinsel, Taxus.

It's a bit early for Christmas ikebana, but I know that many people have started their Christmas preparations and are looking for ideas. Why not try a simple mass arrangement with a lot of snowy feeling to it? If you like you can add a line as a contrast to the mass. In this case I think the room between the vases is enough to create the needed contrast. I also don't want too many materials since that often makes the arrangement less peaceful.

Red, white and green are the Christmas colours also in ikebana. Add a little glitter for a more festive feeling - and there you are! Interestingly enough, Japanese ikebana artists tend to use more sparkle and bling in their Christmas arrangements than Westerners do. Maybe it comes from being more minimalist the rest of the year and needing to let loose for Christmas? Who knows?


Keith said...

Beautiful! I find myself fighting between my urge to do traditional Christmas arrangments and ikebana. I've seen ikebana Christmas arrangements that are interesting works
But feel there is something lacking. You've managed to get a blend of both styles, and it works so well!!!

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Keith. I guess I'm influenced by Nordic esthetics. Especially for Christmas this this gives a rustic touch to what ever I try to do. Anyway, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for posting :)

Stephen Coler said...

Beautiful! I love the use of the baby's breath as snow.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Stephen. Gypsophila is such an interesting flower. I hate it in traditional bouquets, but it's great in masses and the stems have a really nice structure too.

city said...

thanks for sharing.

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