Thursday, 6 December 2012

After the Typhoon - Hong Kong Sogetsu Exhibition

I regularly browse YouTube for interesting ikebana related videos. Recently I came across this video documentation of the latest exhibition with the Hong Kong Branch of Sogetsu Teachers' Association. The exhibition was held in November and was titled "After The Typhoon". 

It's a quite long amateur video, but it gives you a nice opportunity to explore this great exhibition. I especially like the avant-garde arrangement with tree trunks and branches flying in the storm and the large bamboo construction work. There are several other really nice arrangements too. Which one is your favorite?


Creative Arts said...

I think there are really great exhibits, showing nice movement and lines. Difficult to pick because they are all special in their own way. But the large bamboo installment at the entrance, the shaved wood one and the one with the umbrealla and sunflower one, come instantly to my mind when I reflect on the video.

nordic lotus said...

That's interesting. I agree with you that there is a great variety of arrangements in this exhibition. The umbrella is great. I think it also shows the trend towards more naturalistic arranging even when the structure is based on non-plant materials.

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