Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Victims of Terror

Bulrush, white and red Roses, dried Palm fronds.

The trial following last summers terror attacks in Oslo have been going on for a few weeks already. It will continue for quite some time before we know what the sentence will be. Many people have been waiting for this, but it is also a difficult time for the Norwegian people and especially those who are directly affected. I watched a few minutes from the live broadcast of the trial the other day. Very quickly I felt sick and had to turn it off.

This ikebana arrangement was made to commemorate the young victims of the shooting at the island Utøya near Oslo, and those who survived swimming from the island and getting picked up out of the water by boats. White is the colour of grief in Japanese culture, and red is the colour of new life. After the trial life will have to go on. Still we will never forget what happened.

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