Monday, 27 February 2012

New Small Vase

Birch branches and Cymbidium.

I'm constantly hunting for new vases to be used for ikebana. On my last trip to Sweden I found several goodies. This one is a small ceramic vase by Mari Simmulson for Uppsala Ekeby. I haven't investigated the production number but from the look of it I would guess that this vase was designed in the 1940s or 1950s. I think it looks great with a simplified arrangement such as this one, with just one birch branch and two yellow Cymbidium flowers. The vase has a brown, orange and blue glaze and the shape seems inspired by Japanese or Chinese vases - how appropriate.


Keith said...

The hunt for ikebana vases is constant, but oh so fun! Love the vase and ikebana, great blend of dark and light.

nordic lotus said...

It is fun. Actually the Japanese spiral vase that I used in the exhibition is the one I bought in Ginza, DC.

nordic lotus said...

I found some new information about this vase. It's named "Polar" and was in production 1968-69. There is also a taller version.

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