Saturday, 25 February 2012

Exhibition Photos - Ikebana

These are my ikebana arrangements for the exhibition "LORDS OF THE CAPITAL, WHY NOT REMAIN HERE AND LENGTHEN YOUR DAYS" by Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas @ 0047 Oslo.

Ikebana and Do Not Build Any Homes Below This Point, 2012, sandblasted "coral sea" granite and sheet of Marmoleum™ linoleum.

Lombardy poplar, Gerbera and Aspidistra.
1960s studio ceramics by Erik Pløen, Norway.

Ikebana and Contagion, 2012, Belgian linnen, patch cables and ocean sound.

Weeping willow, Lilies and desert plant.
Japanese freestyle ikebana vase.

Exhibition view.
Styrofoam platform with artwork.

Birch, Asparagus fern, Cymbidium and Mimosa.
Midcentury vases by Gunnar Nylund
and Carl-Harry Stålhane for Rörstrand Ateljé, Sweden.


Luca Ramacciotti said...


Stephen Coler said...

congratulations on a beautiful exhibition! i especially like the last one with the three vases. i love how the materilas are converging together in the open space above the containers. very beautiful!

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Stephen for a beautiful description of the open space. Sogetsu teaches that although ikebana means arranging plant materials it is really about arranging space. I'm glad you like it.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Luca for your enthusiasm!

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