Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ikebana Studio Visit

Today I'd like to invite you on a tour to the ikebana studio of my teacher. She lives outside the city and it takes me an hour to get there, first by commuter boat across the Oslo fjord and then half an hour by bus. The trip is long enough to help me tune inn and leave the busy workday behind.

Getting off the bus and walking down the steep road to the house you'll notice that you're in the right place. A Japanese metal lantern is placed on an old stump. A bamboo fountain provides an atmosphere of tranquility.

Walking closer and following the path around the next corner you're facing the small entrance door to the studio. Welcome, come inside!

Behind the screen is a low table with cushions for drinking a cup of tea before the ikebana lesson starts. On the shelfs are lots and lots of vases and containers to choose between.

After a cup of tea and an introduction to todays lesson; ikebana with cherry blossoms, we're ready to start working.

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