Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ikebana Gift Basket Surprise

Iemoto Akane Teshigahara visited Sydney, Australia for the celebration "50 Golden Years of Sogetsu in Australia and New Zealand" in May this year. She held a spectacular demonstration which can now be seen on YouTube, one video for each arrangement and one for the grand finale - a full scale installation with dramatic lighting.

One of the arrangements, using a bamboo basket made by the Iemoto herself, was surprisingly given away to a member of the audience. What a nice gesture. I hope the winner had strong arms since the arrangement is quite large and looks heavy.

I've also chosen a video for my blog where Akane is using the same intertwining technique as in one of my resent postings. The Weeping willow that she is using is a much lighter material than the Birch in my arrangement. Still I can't help thinking it would be fun to try making it into a large arrangement, maybe I will. Now enjoy the demonstration by the Iemoto.

Thank you Venkatesh Lyer of the "Ikebana and us" blog for information about the videos.

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