Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Reshaping of a Tree

My ikebana teacher takes a lot of her materials from her garden. Earlier this year she had to cut down a large hanging birch tree. I got a large branch from this tree and thought I should try to use the size of the branch as it was without cutting much away. Hanging birch has very long soft branches that are easy to bend, so I decided to create a new shape by intertwining the long hanging dark brown threads. I was amazed by the change of character from hanging to a more vine-like appearance as a new and distinct circular shape grew out of the material.

A branch of hanging birch and yellow roses in a high ceramic vase.


Rosana said...

I like how well you show the fact that one of the branches is out of the water.
My sensei allways says that "if it looks careless is not ikebana" I think your work shows at that branch that is sustained by another one from the top. The thick bottom seems to be suspended, floating.

She also says many times that in nageire "the branches help each other".

I see many familiar principles when I look at this arrangement and, at the same time, its original one of a kind.


nordic lotus said...

Thanks for your coment Rosana. I'm glad you like the arrangement. Thanks also for sharing sayings from your sensei. I shall remember your quotations.

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