Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bring on the Girls

Since I've recently posted flowers for Boys' day I might as well go on with the festivals and give all the girls some flowers too. Girls' day, or Hina Matsuri, is celebrated on March 3rd in Japan. The flowers of Girls' day, peach flower and field mustard, symbolizes femininity and a good life with many children (the mustard seeds). It works fine with anything pink and yellow, so I've used pink Peonies and yellow plastic mesh for my Hina Matsuri arrangement. I'm not a fan of gender stereotypes so I'll let you all choose if you prefer the braveness of Boys' day or the gentleness of Girls' day. Pick the flowers that suites you best.

Pink Peonies, yellow plastic mesh and pink bamboo sticks in a pink glass vase.


MARTA said...

A pleasure to find your blog through the blog of a friend, we both practice with a Sense of Ikenobo school, Congratulations for your work.

Pepita said...

Me ha gustado tu blog y lo puse en el mio,veo que Marta tambien ha hecho lo mismo. Espero ver nuevos trabajos sobre Ikebana.

nordic lotus said...

Gracias Marta y Pepita. Me encanta tu blogs para. Un montón de cosas interesantes. No conoscimiento español. Esto se traduce en Google Translate por lo que hay probablemente un montón de errores extraños.

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