Tuesday, 3 November 2009

More Moons

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of traditional hanging moon arrangements called Tsuri-Tsuki. Those where waxing moon arrangements catching the moon going from a thin slice to full glory. This week I have some more moons to post. The two first are full moon arrangements. In the Sogetsu School, which actually means "Grass and moon school", full moon arrangements are always in an upright style, Risshin-kei in Japanese. Following the moon faces I'm ending this post with two waining moon arrangements, one in horisontal style, Haishin-kei, and the last one in hanging style, Suishin-kei.

Full moon, Risshin-kei basic, Berberis and Chrysanthemum.

Full moon, Risshin-kei 3, Fern and roses.

drinking saké
without flowers or moon
one is alone

Haiku by Basho

Waining moon, Haishin-kei basic, branches and roses.

Waining moon, Suishin-kei basic, branches and roses.


Arte Cerâmica Zen said...

wonderfullllllll.......I like so much!!!!

nordic lotus said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for commenting - I'm glad you like them. I love moon arrangements! Ikebana has made me more aware of the moon phases. Looking at the moon gives me energy and puts me in a good mood.

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