Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lines of Springtime

Curved lines.
Linden branches, Muscari grass, Hellebore.

In the Spring season it is still so much easier to see the  lines of tree branches, than when the leaves have sprung and the tree crowns turns into a mass of green. Emphasizing straight and curved lines is important in Sogetsu school freestyle arrangements. Curved lines in the Spring are showing the increasing energy in nature, starting with a discreet bend and erupting with full power as it is getting warmer. When straight and curved lines are combined they are arranged so that they accentuate each other.

Straight and curved lines.
Alder branches, Salix branches, Tulips, paper bag.


James said...

I really like Spring Ikebana. Not only the because of the lines that are more visible through the branches, I always like how the color yellow gives this really "springy" feeling to your creation.
- James

nordic lotus said...

Thanks for the feedback, James. I agree with you that a strong yellow gives a special energy this time of the year.

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