Friday, 16 January 2015

First Week of Ikebana + Crafts = TRUE

Spruce, Snow berry, blue yarn, Chrysanthemum, Long leaved pine.
More than one container, curved lines, mass and line, untraditional materials.

The first week of the exhibition ikebana + crafts = TRUE is almost over. Each week will present one larger and three smaller sized arrangements. The first week I had the pleasure to work with wood fired ceramics by Michiko Takahashi Nilsen.

My Japanese friends felt that the large arrangement in the window was a bit like a New Years arrangement with its use of pine. Being at the very start of the year it was also my intention to hint to traditional arrangements without making it a proper New Years ikebana. I was also thinking about boats pulled up on the beach for the winter. It's the season of stillness.

Pine and Roses.
Basic slanting style moribana.

For the second arrangement I used a shallow bowl with grayish blue glaze on the inside for a basic slanting style ikebana, also with pine. It's always useful to include a basic style when explaining the philosophy behind the different elements of the arrangement.

Weeping Willow, Bergenia leaves, Chrysanthemum, Thuja.
Curved lines.

Moving on to a bowl with a more round shape. In this case the plant materials were chosen to enhance the shape of the bowl. Weeping Willow is also a material associated with New Year. Withered winter leaves help us to appreciate the season, while pink flowers add an accent and bring a promise of spring.

Alder branches and French tulip.
Hana-mai inspired arrangement with three vases.

In the last arrangement I wanted to use a group of new vases that were fired a couple of weeks ago. They have a fantastic glaze and the shape is good for just one flower or so. Keeping the interesting swirls in the glaze in mind, I decided to make a Hana-mai (dancing flowers) inspired arrangement.

Photo 1-3: Svein G Josefsen
Photo 4: Brith Dybing


Emma said...


nordic lotus said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Emma! I'm glad you like the exhibition.

Christopher James said...

Dear Lennart,
congratulations on your work in the ikebana + Craft = TRUE exhibition. Your arrangements really complement the wood fired ceramics. I especially love the simplicity of the work in the three bottles. However, they are all great examples of ikebana and working collaboratively with other artists lifts the exhibition to another level. It is great to see your demonstration was well attended. I am sure the response must have been very positive.


author said...

So inspiring. Are you going to post pictures of your work during each week of the exhibition?

nordic lotus said...

Thanks author. I'm glad you feel inspired. Yes, I plan to post the arrangements from week two and three also.

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