Saturday, 21 June 2014

Performance - Ikebana and Contemporary Plant Art

This is the second post with pictures from the opening of the exhibition Ikebana and Contemporary Plant Art in the Botanical Garden of Uppsala, Sweden. Contemporary flower artist Takaya from Kyoto is one of the artists featured in the exhibition. 

At the opening we also had the opportunity to experience one of his Hanayuishi performances. Using only fresh flowers, Takaya has invented an original technique of art in the field of hair dressing, tying together people and flower. Takaya was working live creating head pieces on models mowing slowly down the catwalk.


Keith said...

Glad you got to experience this and show it to us. Wonderful photos!!!!

nordic lotus said...

It was a great experience. Take a look at the video I posted today. There you can see how the materials used in the hair were first gathered as a bouquet that the model was carrying. Very clever.

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