Saturday, 14 September 2013

Everything Eventually Gives Results

Birch Witch's Broom, book pages, Rose stems and flowers.
Nageire, abstract freestyle, mass and lines, untraditional materials. 

At the first lecture after summer with my teacher we were asked to translate something we had experienced during the summer into an ikebana arrangement.  I've been working a lot this summer, editing an anthology of articles. Coordinating many people and make sure you stay within the timeframe can be quite chaotic. Still, dedicated work and a decision to stay focused eventually gives results. And opportunities to gain new strength in between the struggles helps to endure. That's the message of this ikebana exercise.

I've worked on getting the right balance in the composition and between the to masses of Witch Broom. A main focus was getting enough open space in the arrangement, and also the placement of the flowers. As you can see the idea is working with mass and line. The masses gives the sense of chaotic work, the lines shows there is still a direction, and the pink flowers gives that moment of blissful rest.


Christopher James said...

Dear Lennart,
what a wonderful interpretation of the use of unconventional materials. This is a delightful nageire and an impressive distillation of your thoughts. Congratulations.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Christopher for your supportive comment. It's a good thing to be able to encourage each other to keep on the good ikebana work.

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