Thursday, 4 April 2013

Steel Grass - Straight Lines

Moribana, abstract freestyle.
Vertical arrangement, two containers, without kenzan.
Steel grass, Cherry branches, Gerbera and pine.

In this spring arrangement a modern geometric container is combined with a traditional old fashioned bamboo vase. The bamboo vase with a mass of pine needles in the opening represents a long life and the strength to take what comes. In contrast to these elements, the pink flowers and the branches with cherry blossom buds represents the ephemeral moment that is experience here and now. A long life is lived in a myriad of short moments. The steel grass emphasizes the strong energy of new life.


Stephen Coler said...

beautiful! i can feel the power of your arrangement along with the delicate lines of the cherry tree branches.

nordic lotus said...

I love cherry branches. We're all waiting for the blossoming now. The combination of the strong and the delicate is one way of creating balance in ikebana.

Rani von Württemberg said...

I am a beginner and I appreciate your designs.

nordic lotus said...

Thanks Rani von Württemberg. I appreciate your feedback!

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