Monday, 18 February 2013

A Bud of Promise

Moribana. Slanting variation 1. Magnolia and Lisianthus.
Kenzan covered with broken glass for an icy effect.

A bud bears a promise of spring and new life. That's why buds are so important in ikebana, perhaps even more important than the open flowers. With a winter as long as the Norwegian, buds on naked branch awakens deep feelings. The bud is a symbol of hope.

In this arrangement, variation number 1 slanting style, the main feature is the big open space between the Magnolia branches. It symbolises the greatness of universe, a bit like when you get awe-struck by nature. A human being is quite small when standing under the big open sky, wether it is a starry night or a crispy cold winters day. In the slanting style the tallest branch stretches out in a soft elegant diagonal movement. Heaven is  close to the earth - and not necessary that far away from anyone of us. Every ikebana arrangement bears a message about relationships and relatedness. The message of this style is that of both distance and closeness at the same time.

Icy wintry wind
Magnolia buds closed tight
Patiently waiting

(Haiku by AshiAkira)

Looking for poetry on Magnolias I found this nice haiku that I would like to share with you. It's a newly posted haiku from AshiAkira's blog. If you like haiku and other poetry I recommend that you  visit this blog. It has a lot of inspiring stuff and it's all original work.

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Inger-M said...

Beautiful, and I love the haiku! :-)

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