Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More Construction Work

Sibirian Dogwood and Hydrangea.
Direct fixing and metal wire.

Sometimes when I look at photos of my ikebana arrangements I get really surprised by how different the arrangement looks. It's not always easy to catch the three-dimensionality and the shape of the construction that you have put a lot of work into creating.

Working with sculptural structures, such as this arrangement with straight branches, is a good practice for starting thinking larger scale ikebana. This one is 50 cm x 70 cm in size. Can you imagine it being 2,5 x 3,5 meters instead? It would of course need a lot more filling materials, but the main structure could probably work.

When taking the arrangement down I felt like playing a bit with the construction and placed it upside down directly on the table. With a glass bowl filled with water as a focus point it got a totally different look.

Sibirian Dogwood with floating tulip.

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